Central Committee. Really?

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So, you were running for a local Party Central Committee. A Central Committee. It’s not Congress or State Assembly, it’s not even a school board or city council. Winning is a crap shoot and has little do do with any campaign you ran, other than maybe what slate your name was on.

Sure, the position is somewhat important. Yet, please don’t issue public statements thanking your followers for your big victory, and please no proverbial “although we fell short, I’d just like to thank the public” sentiments.

It’s laughable.

It’s a Central Committee.


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  1. LOL!. “…Did the GOP just elect a leftist progressive to Central Committee?…”
    Garvin Walsh was endorsed by Carl DeMaio’s political machine ‘Reform CA’ and over 82% of Carl’s endorsements got elected.
    But even if we reviewed all of Carl’s endorsements, it would not change the final results.
    I, along with others, were urged to run for Central Committee as it was ‘godless’ and all but a few of the incumbents needed to be replaced with candidates who wanted to restore America’s principles ‘God-Family-Country’ back into our Party.
    If that was true, I was puzzled to learn that Carl endorsed a majority of the incumbents along with 16 other candidates that my group did not endorse.
    You can read our goals on our website – http://www.SDcentralcommittee.org
    And now, to segway over to 75th State Assembly race, shouldn’t we research to see who is best for the job? I believe it should be Andrew Hayes.

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