Former Bell City Manager Arrested and School Tax Looks Like It’s Going To Get Crushed

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The first part of post this speaks for itself regarding the former Bell city manager Rizzo.  Here’s an article I posted a few weeks ago regarding Rizzo which I have no doubt was the driving force that compelled law enforcement to carry out this morning’s events…  Full Story On Bell City Manager Arrested Today In other news, it looks like …

SD Chief Operating Officer’s Memo Claims That City Has Made “Significant Reductions”

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I’m truly puzzled how one can come to this conclusion. Below are financial figures for the city by several departments over the course of 2003 to 2009. A few occasional departments show a sporadic reductions, but one doesn’t have to be financial wizard to recognize that they general trend is clearly increased spending year over year. Such inaccurate language from someone so high up in the private sector would end their career.

Great Article on Former Bell City Manager

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This LA Times Article does an exceptional job of illustrating what kind of lifestyle Robert Rizzo, the City Manager of Bell was indulging in.  Opulent habits including horse racing, drinking, golfing, and who knows what else not included in the article.  The ultimate insult is that one of his horses is named “Depenserde l’argent” which is French for “Spend Money.”  …