Obama Says Recovery “Takes Time” — Historically Not True With Conservative Tactics

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The result was that in roughly 18 months, the country was out of this economic nightmare. Unemployment fell to 6% in 1922 and to 2.3% by 1923. The country was able to trim their debt by 1/3rd. In short, it kicked off the roaring twenties where many average Americans enjoyed unprecedented quality living highlighted by buying their first car, radio, and telephones.

Dispelling the Public Sector Salary Myth

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Here is an absolute first rate commentary by Daniel Borenstein dissecting the myth that public employees are compensated less than private sector folks. Included in this article is an amazing 100+ page study that should serve as a reference for many debates to come when having this discussion. Borenstein’s article: http://bit.ly/mdCIFO Full study: http://www.docstoc.com/docs/78892940/pensionstudy

Labor Council’s “Middle Class Taxpayer Association”

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If ever a group assembled under a more inaccurate name, I’d be interested to see it. The “Middle Class Taxpayers Association” isn’t a new voice for responsible stewardship of our tax dollars. It’s a front group shilling for the San Diego Labor Council. The Labor Council doesn’t even try to hide its involvement. It seems silly to use this name, but I suppose there are people or news media who might confuse it with a real taxpayers advocacy group.