Vargas Dominos: Been there, done that

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Today’s print edition of the U-T San Diego (online yesterday) includes a story about the “domino effect” a Juan Vargas congressional victory would (will) have on those potentially vying for his current Senate seat, the area’s Assembly seat should Ben Hueso win in a Senate contest, and down the line to San Diego City Council.  Names like labor leader Lorena …

How things change

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You know, it wasn’t that long ago, about a year at most, even more recently in the minds of many, when the nearly presumptive leader in the San Diego mayor’s race, assuming she would run, was Bonnie Dumanis. That was one sentence, but maybe it covers all that needs to be said.

Fletcher appreciates County Republican Party now more than ever

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Just what the heck is the County Republican Party doing in exacerbating a feud with Nathan Fletcher?  Am I wrong in thinking the Fletcher campaign must be loving the shots being taken at them? That Fletcher must appreciate the party feeding his message? Fletcher’s payment obligations for an event he attended are a different matter; that’s not the issue. To …

Vargas Dominos

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If State Senator Juan Vargas wins a Congressional matchup against former State Senator Denise Moreno Ducheny (and others), it will result in a vacant Senate seat. Assemblyman Ben Hueso lives in Vargas’ Senate district. If Hueso were to run and win a special election for Senate, it would create a vacancy in his Assembly seat. So, who would run for …

MTS to Consider a “Large” Police Force this Thursday

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The Metropolitan Transit System board of directors this Thursday will consider putting in place a police force. State law allows transit agencies to employ police officers, meaning in addition to security personnel (the latter of which MTS clearly has in place). These officers must have the same training as sworn cops with any police department. Item 31 on this week’s …