Special Interests vs. DeMaio: The story continues and Roger Hedgecock joins the fray

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While it is well known that Mayoral candidate Carl DeMaio is hated by organized labor and certain elements of the downtown San Diego establishment, as of two weeks ago nobody in the downtown establishment had publicly come forward to attack DeMaio. That changed when one of the major downtown ring leaders, Fred Maas, was quoted in Voice of San Diego, …

A New Generation of Tax Leadership: Fletcher Receives Lowest HJTA Score Among Republicans in the Assembly

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The Howard Jarvis Taxpayer’s Association (HJTA), California’s premiere taxpayer advocate group, released their 2011 scorecard for members of the California legislature.  Among our local legislators, the score that stands out is Nathan Fletcher.  Fletcher, who’s running for Mayor of San Diego under the slogan “A New Generation of Leadership,” has the lowest score among all Republicans with an overall grade …

The Other Side of the Endorsement Coin: Why Fletcher’s POA and Log Cabin endorsements will hurt his campaign (Part 1)

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Not all endorsements are helpful. Using an extreme example, does any candidate actually want the Communist Party’s endorsement?  That one may be common sense, but it’s not always that black and white. After all, what about more reputable organizations like the Lincoln Club? It is unquestionably one of the best endorsements a center-right candidate can pick-up, but I doubt a …

GOP Mayoral Candidates Jump to the Front: Dumanis Fav Among Insiders, DeMaio Choice of the Electorate

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The Mayoral race has gotten off to a blistering pace: DeMaio, Fletcher, and now Filner are in; Faulconer is out. Surprisingly, there is a swift and early movement to coalesce center-right establishment support behind Dumanis. In just the last 36 hours Dumanis has received the endorsements of both Faulconer and Sanders. At the same time a SurveyUSA poll, sponsored by 10 News, shows DeMaio up substantially. He leads among every major demographic but women.

My Thoughts from DeMaio’s Announcement

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For me, the most interesting thing about the speech wasn’t the text of the actual speech. Don’t get me wrong, it was a very good speech that focused on his plans to fight for the fiscal future of San Diego. He hit all the fiscal conservative points and really dialed in on pension reform. But what was really intriguing was …