Congressman calls for roadside bomb point man in Afghanistan

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The Pentagon is falling short in its efforts to combat roadside bombs in Afghanistan by failing to appoint a single authority to put resources where they’re needed most, Rep. Duncan Hunter said Wednesday. The El Cajon Republican, a Marine Corps reservist, said reducing the number of bombs and the carnage they’re inflicting in the southern Helmand province should be a top priority of military commanders.

Lawmaker pushes Holder on ‘sanctuary cities’

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By the Washington Times: Frustrated at the Justice Department‘s lawsuit against Arizona’s new immigration law, a Republican congressman introduced a bill demanding that the attorney general also take action against so-called “sanctuary cities,” which discourage immigration enforcement. Rep. Duncan Hunter‘s bill is the latest step as lawmakers seek to inject themselves into the debate and force their colleagues to …

Sanctuary City Prevention Act Introduced

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Washington D.C. – As the Department of Justice goes to court today to block the implementation of Arizona’s immigration law, Congressman Hunter has introduced legislation to deny DOJ any funding to continue challenging the Arizona law until action is taken against sanctuary cities.  The legislation – the Sanctuary City Prevention Act – follows a recent report that DOJ is unwilling …

Hunter Signs Amicus Briefs Supporting Arizona Immigration Law

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Washington DC – Congressman Hunter has signed two separate amicus briefs supporting Arizona’s immigration law.  One brief, written by the Washington Legal Foundation, opposes a lawsuit initiated by the American Civil Liberties Union.  The other brief, supported by the House Immigration Reform Caucus, opposes the Obama Administration’s lawsuit to block the implementation of the Arizona immigration law.  “Arizona is moving …

POLITICO: GOP taps Hunter and other GOP veterans for Afghan advice

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As a Marine lieutenant in Iraq in 2004, Duncan Hunter was poised for an assault on Fallujah when the order came down from Washington to pull out instead. It was the kind of top-down military decision — which in this case had to be reversed when security in Fallujah later deteriorated — that Hunter hopes will not be repeated in Afghanistan.

Now, five years later and a freshman congressman from California, Hunter is in a much better position to have his voice heard. As an Iraq war veteran, he has been enlisted by the House Republican leadership to help make its case that President Barack Obama should support Gen. Stanley McChrystal’s request for more troops in Afghanistan — and do it soon.