Video: Carl DeMaio on “Can California Survive?”

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Video of my talk on “Can California Survive?” and why we should start with pension reform to fix our state.


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  1. Carl is much more optimistic than I am about saving California. I guess eventually the money will run out and the government, local and state will be forced to do something, hopefully the right thing. We will see.

  2. Carl this Carl that. Enuff. Economic implosion is good for the soul. The deeper the implosion of our economy the better our recovery. Im buying naked land at basement rates. Im a double dipper at the public trough. I earned my pay, City Lifeguard, US Army, and carried the county shield for all too long.

    Carl, not ever havin met the man reminds of the energizer bunny. I would like to see Donna Fry or Ron Roberts roll on this man Carl. To be honest I feel Briana Bilbray could squash him.

    Briana Bilbray reminds me of Maureen Oconner, but far better looking. Briana may not realize it , but she has all the attributes of a great leader. Her intended is a fantastic young Navy man. Time for Briana to switch to the DNC and take home the trophy.

  3. Well, if you are talking about looks, M Earle, of course to a lot men, Briana is the star, but ideas and action are key to making things happen; what do you want to happen? Since you seem to know Briana, maybe you are a visionary and the switch for her career.

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