Carl DeMaio: Early Voting Begins

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Monday was Election Day — at least for me! Early voting and absentee ballots make it easy to be a part of the process.

KUSI met up with me as I went to vote yesterday. Take a look:


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  1. Every high propensity Republican voter in the 52nd CD received a newspaper from the California Republican Assembly this week strongly endorsing Kirk Jorgensen for Congress. Guess you missed the memo, Carl. I expect others did not.

  2. There’s still a California Republican Assembly? I haven’t heard of those guys since the 90’s.

    I never heard of Kirk Jorgenson, but if he by some chance upsets DeMaio in the primary, he won’t win the general.

    DeMaio has the full package: principle, track record, name recognition, experience. Get on board or cede the campaign to Peters.

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