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Your support is needed for AB 357. This bill would change the California Concealed Firearms License (CCW) policy from “MAY ISSUE” to “SHALL ISSUE.”  This is a vital distinction. In “May Issue” counties, the onus is put upon the law abiding citizen to affirmatively prove he or she ‘deserves’ a concealed carry permit. In “Shall Issue” counties, it is up to the law enforcement agency to affirmatively prove that a citizen does not qualify for a permit.

You can use the “One Click” system link below to contact the members of the California State Assembly Public Safety Committee and ask them to approve this legislation. 

In states where similar “shall issue” laws are in effect, the crime rates have fallen.  As the California Rifle and Pistol Association motto reads, “Society is Safer When Criminals Don’t Know Who’s Armed.” 

This legislation is supported by the National Rifle Association Members Council of Greater San Diego and the NRA Members Councils of California. I thank President Dexter Haight for calling this matter to my – and now your – attention. 

CALNRA: AB 357 (CCW) Hearing Tuesday, Jan 12

AB 357 (CONCEALED FIREARMS LICENSE) (Knight) will will be heard in Assembly Public Safety on Tuesday, January 12th, 2010. Please contact the members of the Assembly Public Safety committee and urge support for the bill.

ONE-CLICK links and other contact tools as well as the bill abstract is available here.

For the latest info on this and other California legislative issues, please visit


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    FYI, San Diego County is a “May Issue” county. The San Diego Sheriff’s Department makes the call whether or not you get a permit. This is likely to be a big issue in the upcoming election for a new sheriff. All of the challengers (Jim Duffy, Jay LaSuer, and Bruce Ruff) support a “Shall Issue” policy. Incumbant Sheriff Bill Gore supports the current “May Issue” policy.

  2. Good article, but according to the Santa Maria, CA police chief (Danny R. Macagni), the MAY ISSUE policy also puts the law official who ISSUES a CCW permit to anyone is AUTOMATICALLY included on any lawsuit against the person that is CCW related.
    He said on a local radio show “On Firing Range” on KUHL, 1440 AM Santa Maria, that he favors law abiding citizens being able to carry concealed, and would support any politician who advocates a law to make California a shall issue state, BUT he can’t afford the personal liability of the MAY ISSUE law as it stands.

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    Don, Chief Macagni’s comments make no sense. Why isn’t personal liability a concern in the 36 “shall issue” states (see this map: and the 20 “shall issue” counties in California (see this map:

    Note that Chief Macagni operates in the heart of anti-Second Amendment territory in the Bay Area and he’s got to be politically correct in what he says publicly on a radio station as an elected official. Knowing that your constituents are hostile in general to firearms, you toe the line if you want to be re-elected.

  4. A check of the radio station website KUHL contains
    no mention of Chief Macagni commenting on CCW
    issues. Can Don provide any documentation of
    the sentiments he attributes to that gentleman?

  5. Hi Gayle,

    AB357 didn’t make it out of committee. It is dead now.

    Keep an eye on what the Supreme Court says about the Chicago vs. McDonald case this spring. It will incorporate the Second Amendment into the the states. It could go a long way to get California to stop stepping all over my right to keep and bear.


  6. Same 5-2 or 5-1 votes, straight party line, as always in Assembly Public Safety, for several years now. The players change, but the partisan make-up stays the same, and the result is always the same. Did anyone really believe this one would be different and make it out of committee?…

    MEASURE: AB 357
    AUTHOR: Knight
    TOPIC: Firearms: license to carry concealed firearm.
    DATE: 01/12/2010
    MOTION: Do pass and be re-referred to the Committee on Appropriations.
    (AYES 1. NOES 5.) (FAIL)




    Ammiano Furutani Hill Huffman



  7. The bill is dead, as indicated above, meaning it did not make it out of committee. There is no “next,” at least not for this bill.

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    Friends, I’ll be talking about the current status of our second amendment rights in California and the U.S. Thursday night on KCBQ AM Radio with firearms rights activist Michael A. Schwartz, who weighed in early on this discussion. Please join us! The call-in number is 888-344-1170 if you’d like to participate. Hear the show at AM 1170 on the dial or online at

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