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Californians, Are You in an Abusive Relationship with Gavin Newsom?

Californians, Are You in an Abusive Relationship with Gavin Newsom?

by Amy Reichert
Rescue California

Today I want to speak to the people who have been abused in this state.

I have a little quiz for you, please let me know if this reminds you of anyone…

1. The abuser isolates the victim from friends and family
2. The abuser prevents you from going to work or school
3. He says his controlling behavior is just out of concern for the victim
4. The abuser is demanding about what you wear in public
5. There are threats of punishment for not submitting to his irrational demands

If any Californian answered YES to any of the above, he’s not your man; you are in a BAD relationship with Gavin Newsom!

Newsom has been compared to The Joker, a tyrant, a game show host, and an out-of-control king drunk on his misuse and abuse of state of emergency powers.

Here in California where every day Governor Newsom looks more and more like a parody of a Bond villain, we have suffered the worst loss of civil liberties in my lifetime!

In the past 16 months under King Newsom’s one-man rule:

He used his emergency powers to put us under nightly curfew. Apparently, COVID gets you after 10 p.m. but not before?

Newsom bowed down to the unions and locked up our kids and put them in front of screens. Fifty percent of California students still do not have the option for in-person school!

He closed California beaches and many of his followers beach-shamed people by saying, “Don’t go to the beach, you’ll kill yourself!!”

Meanwhile, Newsom was developing a creepy obsession with masks. He Tweeted 27 times…

Don’t be selfish wear a mask.

then again…

Be KIND wear a mask


Be SMART wear a mask

Mask is a sign of TOUGHNESS.

Do your PART Wear your mask.

Then NEWSOM tweeted 17 different times in ALL CAPS

Going to a restaurant? Wear a mask in between bites.

And the winner for the lamest tweet by a Governor goes to… Newsom, for this…

Then of course, as you know, Newsom was caught at the French Laundry, not wearing a mask!

According to Yelp, 60 percent of businesses are now gone forever!

But Gavin Newsom made Hollywood an ESSENTIAL business.

Now Hollywood is giving Newsom millions of dollars to fight the recall.

Newsom “closed churches, told people not to sing Christmas Carols!” with his public health decree for the holidays…

“Singing is discouraged, but if you MUST sing, you must wear a mask and sing below a standard speaking voice.”

Newsom canceled Thanksgiving and Christmas.

California, it’s time to get out of this bad relationship with Gavin Newsom. Let’s send the abuser packing…

need to RECALL Gavin Newsom!

Here’s how you can support the recall. Please go to Rescue California and donate any amount you can here.

Amy Reichert is a La Mesa, California resident who really, really, really loves her family and California.

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