Californian: El Cajon city councilman’s home is target of pre-Election Day shooting

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We’re a little surprised this has been quiet until now. Councilman Bill Wells tells SD Rostra he wasn’t seeking coverage of the incident, that Californian reporter Alice Keyser recently called him about it, the first communication he had with any media. Maybe she heard a rumor or saw a police report, best guesses.

Considering the shooting took place November 2, there certainly was time before the election for some media coverage, had Wells wanted it. So, it’s pretty clear he wasn’t seeking media. TV would have been all over it.

From the East County Californian…

On Nov. 2nd, Councilman Bill Well’s home in El Cajon was the target of a shooting by an unknown shooter. A shot was fired through an upstairs window that penetrated the screen and shattered the glass door of the bathroom shower. Wells and his family were absent from the home at the time of the shooting.

According to Wells, around 6:00 p.m. that evening, he received a phone call from his houseguest saying that she heard glass shattering from the upstairs room. Upon returning home, Wells examined the scene and noticed a hole through the window screen where a trajectory had entered causing the damage.

The following day, a report was made by El Cajon City police who examined the scene and determined that the likely weapon used was a high powered pellet rifle, Wells said.
“We surmised that the shot had come from the roof of the insurance building located directly across the street from my house. There are approximately 60 meters from the roof to the window and the trajectory of a bullet would be aligned with the shower door,” Wells said.

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