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California parents beware — Lawmakers seek to regulate your babysitters

A flurry of California state bills are being voted on during the waning hours of Sacramento’s summer legislative session, including babysitter’s workplace rights.

California’s lawmakers have pulled out all the stops when it comes to job-killing legislation. Summer highlights include what color Airsoft guns should be painted, the type of sheets hotels can use, and what type of cleaning work hotel maids can/can’t perform. Now they want to regulate babysitting.

Dubbed the “babysitter bill,” AB 889 has made its way to the California State Senate and would force folks who employ domestic workers, babysitters and maids to provide conventional workplace benefits.

Some of the required regulations being bandied about include regular 10-minute breaks, vacation time, workers’ compensation, and 30-minute lunch breaks, as well as overtime.

Parents contend they would have to hire two caregivers in order to meet California’s new state regulations.

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