California – Make or Break for Trump?

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New York Times is speculating on scenarios. Based on how the voters have been split over the variety of state contests, Trump has been winning but not enough. That may make our June 7th primary worthwhile.


“Mr. Trump will probably need to win California, which has 172 delegates. California is winnable for Mr. Trump, but it could be a difficult state for him. California includes a mix of well-educated voters who could support Mr. Kasich and conservative voters who could support Mr. Cruz.”


California mattering will be a nice change. In the past we’ve only been an ATM for candidates looking for money to fund their campaign elsewhere. Now our vote may count.

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  1. The NYT doesn’t explain that California isn’t winner-take-all. It’s by Congressional district. So you don’t “win” or “lose” All the California delegates.

    Trump most recently polled strong across California, but it’s a closed primary which could help Cruz.

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