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California Democrats seek approval from voters to grant amnesty

While the DREAM Act failed on a national stage, California State Democrats would like to skirt federal law and provide a pathway to citizenship for those who are illegally residing in the Golden State.

State Assembly Bill 78, written by Tony Mendoza (D-Arcadia) seeks to put an advisory measure on the state ballot asking California voters if they think the United States is responsible to grant amnesty to longtime illegal aliens currently living unlawfully inside America.

The Democrat’s proposed “pathway to citizenship bill” would give illegal aliens who have worked in the U.S. for five years, have no felony convictions, speak English and are current with all their taxes a chance to legalize their status.

The bill’s author, Mendoza claims the illegal immigration debate is front-page news across the country and says the nation’s “broken immigration system” requires an overhaul that “rewards work, reunites families, restores the rule of law, reinforces immigrant workers and redeems the ‘American Dream.'”

The Southern California Democrat hopes the measure will qualify for California’s statewide primary election in June 2012.

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