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I received a phone poll call last night.  As I recall the questions were:

  • Do you support the Democrat or Republican Congressional candidate in CA52  (Generic Party only test)
  • What do think of Scott Peters performance
  • Impact of the shutdown
  • Who is to blame in shutdown
  • What party do you identify with – Democrat, Republican, Independent

Then it said it was paid by the Democratic Party Campaign Committee.

I need to have pen and paper ready as we go into political season. No secret what my responses were except the last one. I said “independent” since that is usually what pollsters use to gauge if they are getting traction anywhere.  They always want inroads with independents, especially in my district, so I figure that was the best way to send the message.


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  1. A major goal of the survey may be simply to find Scott Peters supporters (for fundraising purposes, and later to exhort them to vote), and to cull out the “weak members” of the voter herd who can be swayed with future calls and mailers. Nothing nefarious about all that, of course.

    BTW, I got the automated call too. Doubt I’ll be getting Peters fundraising mail.

    One annoying aspect. The nice computer voice assured me it was a “one minute survey.” Not in this space-time continuum.

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