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2nd Bulletin —– Juan Vargas lead Zooms to 22 votes on new Riverside County returns

July 10         Vargas  Verge  of  Victory

UPDATE…. 7 am, Saturday, July 10, 2010 Riverside County just put up
another new vote count at 6 a.m. today. They tabulated just 5 votes in
SD 40… and all 5 of them went to Juan Vargas.

That puts Juan Vargas at +22 overall in the sprawling 3-county district….
Juan Vargas now… 24,282…. while Mary Salas …24,260
This story will continue to develop, and SD Rostra will follow it for you.

* * *

Late tonight (Friday) the Riverside County Registrar of Voters posted
NEW NUMBERS in the ultra-close Juan Vargas v. Mary Salas state
senate primary, which spans part or all of San Diego, Imperial and
Riverside counties.

Riverside counted 271 new Democratic votes in the 40th district tonight
and here’s how they came down:

…….Juan Vargas…..138 Votes
…….Mary Salas…….133 Votes

Vargas gains a net 5 votes…. He started the night just +12 votes
ahead of Salas in the entire 40th district. Now Vargas’ overall
edge has grown to + 17 votes. Your new overall totals are:

…….Juan Vargas…..24,277
…….Mary Salas…….24,260

Are there more votes still to come tomorrow in Riverside? My
guess is there will be more, but we’ve seen most of the add-
ons right here. [See article below for explanation of where
these ‘late mail ballots’ came from].

If Las Vegas was dealing the outcome for who wil lead on the
face of the final returns, Juan Vargas would now be a -400
favorite, and Mary Salas the +340 underdog.

Does that mean this is all over?


As John Belushi famously said in “Animal House”…
‘Nothing is Over until we Say it is!”

There are some folks in Sacramento who may not accept the outcome
of a Vargas primary win, and will seek their redress in Court.

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