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Get Brown to pledge not to raise taxes

We are going into the top-two primary on June 3rd. Jerry Brown is likely to be the biggest vote-getter. Here are a few things I’m concerned about:

1) Polls have him at over 50%; He has this support without making any campaign promises and is likely to win in November.
2) His campaign website has no platform issues; we have no idea what he intends to do. (as of 5/30/14)
3) 4 of his top 5 donors are unions; the other is the Democratic Party – all 5 support increasing taxes.
4) He has no political ambitions (we know of) after a second term; historically termed out politicians use their last term to pay back their supporters.

In 2010, he promised not to raise taxes without a vote of the people. At a minimum, I hope he’ll do the same this time around.

To bring awareness to this issue, I’m making this picture my Facebook profile picture until he makes a pledge not to raise taxes. I hope you’ll do the same. If enough people do it, it will hopefully affect the thinking of the Brown campaign and he’ll make this pledge. I thank you for your support.

Elliot Schroeder is Vice-Chairman of the Republican Liberty Caucus of San Diego.


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