Brown signs DREAM Act part two — Will give illegal aliens taxpayer money for college

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California Governor Jerry Brown finally signed the Golden State’s version of the DREAM Act.

Part two of the controversial bill will release taxpayer money to illegal aliens seeking to attend public colleges without proving their immigration status to financial aid offices.

The move will allow prospective illegal alien students to compete with American citizens for precious college financial aid.

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  1. The state can’t balance the budget (smoke/mirrors and using overly optimistic revenue projections that won’t be met doesn’t constitute a balance budget in my book) so I’m curious where the money is going to come from to pay for this. May I suggest that the state pass a bill that requires the state to cut from existing programs to pay for new funding that they believe so strongly in. May I also suggest that the states go after Washington and have Washington cover all costs for illegal immigration that the states have paid and will pay since it is really Washington’s fault for not enforcing their own policy.

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