Solana Beach Plastic Bag Ban Might Be Bagged

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The radicals on the Solana Beach Council are reconsidering their plastic bag ban.  Read all about it at The Del Mar Times .  You may recall that I exposed the unintended consequences  predictable  health hazard of  Lesa Heebner’s silly policy just a few days before the Solana Beach City Council considered a partial repeal of the ban.

Reusable grocery store bags can kill people while plastic bags don’t.  The sad thing is that Heebner and the rest of the City Council knew this; we told them about the Los Angeles County study (right here on SDROSTRA) before they voted to pass the ordinance.

Clearly litter bugs should be punished but the Solana Beach plastic bag ban is going to result in dead residents.  What started out as a violation of property rights is now turning into a public health crisis.  Lesa Heebner’s plastic bag  ban needs to be repealed…NOW…before the bodies start piling up in the emergency rooms.

Don’t hold your breath though.  Heebner’s campaign hack City Manager David Ott provides us with the most ridiculous quote ever rather than admit that the ordinance was rushed and poorly thought out:

City Manager David Ott said it’s not the bags that cause bacteria, but the vegetables people put in the bags, however, once introduced the bacteria can exist in the bags.


Reusable grocery bags don’t kill people; groceries do.  Well, at least we can still buy guns in Solana Beach…for now.


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