Neel Kashkari, We Can’t Relate to You. You’re Not The Right Person For The Job.

Brian Brady Brian Brady


The Republican political class loves to chatter about how a Donnelly for Governor campaign will affect down ticket races.  The premise is, even though he is the overwhelming favorite of the Republican volunteers, is that he will damage the “brand” forever because of his high-profile support for stronger borders.  Karl Rove suggested that Tim Donnelly at the top of the ticket will damage Republicans’ message to Latinos “for decades.”

I suggest that Kashkari will do more damage to the Republican message to REPUBLICANS.  This isn’t me talking, the video is of then-Representative Don Manzullo (R-IL), interrogating Kashkari when he was the administrator of the bailout plan called TARP:

Mr. Kashkari, I want to suggest something here. And it’s not because of — maybe it’s because of the people that I represent.  We can’t relate to you, and your world.  I don’t know where you come from or the people with whom you deal on a day-to-day basis.  But when you sit there, and can not take a position, as the whether or not a three million dollar bonus to a failed company, and as to which the taxpayers have out $125 billion in assets, perhaps you’re not the right person for the job.

Growing our party is important but trying to attract Latinos, by hiding our party platform, is disingenuous.  Perpetuating the notion that Republicans serve as tools for the rent-seeking wealthy, at the expense of working Republicans, is a death wish.

I’m not a “platform idealogue”;  I understand that candidates will develop their own views and sometimes those views will conflict with the party platform–I can live with that.  But to criticize a candidate, for sharing the platform views and defending them with policy recommendations and legislation is ludicrous.

Change the platform if you don’t want Republican candidates talking about immigration !

I will stipulate that a Donnelly/Brown showdown will not convince Latino voters, who reliably vote for Brown, to cross over and vote for Tim Donnelly.  But Republican voters WILL  abandon the party if we keep throwing up candidates who defend institutional wealth transfers for rent seekers.

Brown will play that Manzullo/Kashkari video over-and over again during the campaign season…and Brian Jones and Joel Anderson will be the ones who have to convince their reliable Republican voters, that ours is a party of the middle class…

…and beg them not to leave us.