Does Nathan Fletcher Have a Shot At Mayor in 2016?

Brian Brady Brian Brady


Guest Commentary
by Brian Brady

Bob Filner wants to be San Diego’s next mayor.  You couldn’t tell it from the primary campaign he ran, but what Bob lacks in factual accuracy, fundraising, and hustle he makes up for in guile.  Keep something in mind; Filner pulled a virtual tie in the primary with next to no campaigning.

Nathan Fletcher is Bob’s secret weapon.  Since Fletcher became a man with no home, his future is either with another state Republican party or the San Diego Democrats.  Bob knows this.  To wit:

So Filner, who finished in second place to Fletcher’s third in the mayoral primary election, is offering Fletcher the role of point man for major economic development and military/defense industry issues — assuming Filner defeats Councilman Carl DeMaio, the primary’s plurality winner, in the November mayoral runoff.

The problem for Bob is that Fletcher has a Mt Soledad-sized ego — he wants to be Mayor of San Diego, not a surrogate for Progressive Bob.  Fletcher will have a lot of private-sector (i.e. lobbying) opportunities after he serves out his Assembly term and making seven figures annually might be too appealling to Fletcher…unless…

Filner offers to be a one-term mayor and campaign for Fletcher in 2016.  Politics is a business where contracts mean nothing so Fletcher would be naive to agree to such a deal.  Would it work?

John Dadian doesn’t rule out the brilliance of Bob’s Machiavellian move:

Said veteran political consultant John Dadian, who has no connection to the mayoral race: “What’s being reported in a Filner Administration for (Fletcher) is something that is his forte.  He did have strong views on a new stadium, and a new city hall, on a new convention center.  And they pretty much mesh with what would be a Filner Administration.  So I think it’s absolutely, borderline brilliant.

Fletcher peeled off a LOT of Republicans (and some Democrats) in his primary run.  A lot of those Republicans have money and egos.  If there is one thing I’ve learned, it’s that people with money don’t like to lose money or face.  A Fletcher move to Filner could bring in money and support IF Bob assures the donors that Nathan’s got his support in 2016.

The message will be simple; public sector unions don’t like DeMaio.  Rather than direct their ire at the voters of San Diego, the union attack will be “Pension reform can only be implemented if Filner and Fletcher are negotiating the deal”.  The public sector unions will fall in line, announce that a Filner/Fletcher Administration can avoid costly and lengthy legal actions, and pledge their support to the unholy alliance.

Watch Tom Shepard, Fletcher’s campaign consultant.  In the past seven days, he’s linked three stories on his Facebook wall:  one about the “decline of the California Republican Party,” one about Carl DeMaio’s “flip-flops,” and one about San Jose and San Diego being “islands of sanity” for voting for pension reform.  Shepard is telling us the message the Filner/Fletcher campaign intends to use.

Not all of Fletcher’s voters will come into the Filner camp but enough could join to get Filner to 50.1% in November.  Needless to say, we San Diego Republicans have to be prepared for a gargantuan battle if this happens.  The good news is that San Diego voters really DO like Carl DeMaio — they trust him to take on the big issues.  Once again, it’s the public-sector unions against the taxpayers and we can win this election by being pro-taxpayer.

Both Bob and Nathan want to be San Diego’s mayor and neither one can win it on his own.  Expect this to happen soon.  I’m ready.

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Brian Brady is a small business owner who lives in Solana Beach.  He is a director for Stop Taxing Us, the taxpayer advocacy and tea party group.  There, he crafted the “Promise to California taxpayers,” a no new tax pledge candidates make.  He is a Member-Elect of the SDGOP Central Committee.