American Federation of Teachers Union Caught Lying About Mark Powell

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Mark Powell is the reform candidate for the San Diego Unified School District Board.  He is endorsed the Republican Party of San Diego, The Lincoln Club, and San Diego Tax Fighters. The American Federation of Teachers, a labor union, put out a hit piece on him

The Voice of San Diego, hardly a house organ for the Republican Party, Lincoln Club, or San Diego Tax Fighters, rated that union-sponsored hit piece as “Huckster Propaganda”:

The statement that Powell was fired is untrue.

In 1999, Powell was one of 15 school principals and vice principals reassigned as part of a controversial shake-up by then-superintendent Alan Bersin. The 15 administrators were demoted to classroom teaching jobs.

“I was never fired, that’s a bunch of B.S.,” said Powell. “If I was fired, why did I continue teaching? Why was I sent a paycheck every month?”

Powell provided us with this letter from the school district, dated June 16, 1999, which states that he will be assigned a teaching position. It says nothing about being “fired.” Nor does it use the phrase “ineffective campus leader.”

We’re calling this one huckster propaganda. To meet this, our harshest of ratings, a statement must pass a two-stage test: First, the statement must be inaccurate; second, it must be reasonable to expect that the person or organization making the statement knew it was inaccurate, but made the claim anyway to gain an advantage.

In an interesting twist, the union used a reassignment, from a Superintendent which it reviled, as the proof for the Powell allegation:

The irony here is that Powell says he was reassigned because he fundamentally disagreed with Bersin’s policies and made that clear as a vice principal. He has sought to portray himself as standing up against Bersin’s leadership style.

“Two things are going to happen if you stand up to Alan Bersin,” he said at the Politifest debate. “You’re going to get reassigned, or you’re going to get reassigned.”

In the history of local teachers unions, Bersin is as close to a bogeyman as they come. Local education unions detested his policies and fought tooth-and-nail to get rid of him.

This is why I mistrust teacher’s unions.  They don’t exist for the children, they don’t exist for the taxpayers, they really don’t exist for the teachers.  They exist for the union leadership…and they lie.  But you probably already knew that.


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