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Following up on my post of Thursday about Chula Vista City Council candidate Larry Breitfelder’s surprising resignation as an Otay Water District trustee, he sent me this press release…

For Immediate Release:  Thursday, June 17, 2010

Breitfelder to Resign from Water Board Today

Larry Breitfelder, winner of the Chula Vista City Council primary, will resign today from the Otay Water District Board of Directors.

“I will focus on my city council race and have never appreciated the way some politicians run for office from the safety of another,” Breitfelder said.

“The city is at a critical point in its history.  I am fully committed to that race.  It will absorb all my time and attention for the next several months.  In addition, the public deserves a representative on the Water District who can give undivided attention to their interests.  If that inconveniences my campaign by not allowing me the luxury of running from the safety of an incumbent office, so be it,” Breitfelder said.

“I’m sick and tired of people running on powerful incumbency, big talk and big promises.  Candidates should present themselves based on what they have accomplished for the public.  If my legacy is not already up to that standard without an elected title, I don’t deserve to be on the city council,” Breitfelder concluded.

Larry Breitfelder ran for Otay Water Board in 2002 during a difficult period in which the district was stooped in controversy.  He was elected on a reform platform that year, and was reelected in 2006.  Today Breitfelder is credited with helping the district to establish a reputation as one of the most efficient and innovative utility districts in the state.  Specific areas of accomplishment include advancing money saving productivity from technology investment, prudent fiscal management, and contracting out work to private companies.

Larry Breitfelder is also the founder of the Chula Vista Taxpayers Association and currently serves as the group’s Chairman.  In that role, he led the campaign in opposition to the proposed 2009 sales tax increase in Chula Vista.



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  1. I’ve been following all the posts on Chula Vista. There’s been lots of talk by Mr. Breittfelder, Mr. Hall. and Mr. Ezparza. I was planning on supporting Mr. Brietfelder again. I happened to get curious about who funded both sides of the campaigns for proposition A the 1 cent sales tax increase so I emailed the civic group. The yes on the sales tax were mainly union contributions.

    One thing I did notice is that the largest donors to the no on sales tax campaign were Mr. Ed Herrera and a Mr. Christopher Altbaum. Nowhere do I see a Mr. Larry Breitfelder as having donated a single dollar. As much credit as he likes to take for leading the “opposition” I think Mr. Breitfelder should correct his campaign material to state that he HELPED…

    I voted no on the tax increase and actually spoke to probably 100 neighbors. I dont go around claiming I led something….

    I hope he can change this otherwise he can expect for many of us not to vote for him…we don’t need more self promoting politicans.

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