Breaking: Sterling to challenge Madrid in La Mesa

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City Councilmember Ruth Sterling has taken out intention papers to challenge incumbent Art Madrid for mayor in the City of La Mesa. Both are Republicans.

The move is further evidence that Madrid may have no serious challenge in November.  Sterling has done little in the fundraising arena during her 18 years on the council, other than about $10,000 of her own money each election. Madrid, a consummate fundraiser during his 20 year mayoral stint, will easily reap several times that if needed.

No other challengers have surfaced, but — if one does — a split vote scenario with Sterling will help Madrid coast to a sixth term.

I’ll let others debate the history of both candidates.  Please comment below.


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  1. I’ll believe it when Ruth TURNS IN the papers and completes her candidacy procedure. Between the two candidates, Ruth would clearly be the better choice, but I don’t think she’s a strong candidate and up to the task.

    That being said, it’s quite likely that my outfit (San Diego Tax Fighters) would end up endorsing her candidacy — IF she ends up running — and running as the only opposition candidate challenging Madrid.

    SOMEBODY needs to give the voters such an option.

  2. Another candidate, local realtor Laura Lothian, pulled her papers today. She is largely an unknown and will split votes with Sterling.

  3. From La Mesa Today…

    LA MESA – Mayor Art Madrid Friday said he welcomed City Councilwoman Ruth Sterling’s decision to challenge him in November’s election.
    “I welcome all opponents,’’ Madrid said. “This gives us a chance to discuss the issues and to lay out our record of accomplishments for the residents of La Mesa.’’
    Madrid, the long-serving mayor, also had a direct answer when asked if he was willing to debate Sterling:
    “Every week,’’ he said.
    Sterling surprised many this week when she picked up papers, the first step to establishing candidacy in the mayor’s race. Sterling was not up for re-election to her council seat this year but had publicly lamented the lack of aggressive challengers for the seats, including the mayor’s, that will be up for re-election.
    But since picking up papers, Sterling has been keeping a low profile, not responding to calls and e-mails from for comment. Some local politicians say her low-key approach suggests she may not be serious about a run and may not eventually file the papers.

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