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Breaking… Rexford’s Husband Said to Threaten Neighbor with “Gun”

***Breaking News***

Whether or not you’ve been following the saga of Poway Councilwoman Betty Rexford, the documented harassment of her neighbors, and the resulting recall effort against her (here’s some background), the following breaking information from today really takes the cake.

I am told that this morning Rexford and her husband Paul were sitting in their car at the end of their driveway, allegedly staring at one of the neighbors, who was working on his fence.

As it was repeated to me, the neighbor looked over at the “first couple of Poway” and Paul Rexford made a hand gesture, middle finger extended.  Apparently, the neighbor returned the favor.

The Rexfords then are said to have pulled into the road and stopped the car, with Mr. Rexford asking the neighbor, “You got a problem with me?”

“Yeah, I do,” came the reply.

Paul Rexford is then alleged to have put his hand into the shape of a gun, this time a different finger extended, saying “Well, next time I come see you it will be with a gun.”

The neighbor called the Sheriff.  Two deputies (Richards and Patron) came out and filed a report #09066227.  (So, please, don’t take my word on these allegations, have at it … I just hit Florida for a vacation and I am now off the clock … whatever media want to follow up, this sounds like a good story and lead to me … just remember where you heard it first.)

If true, this sounds like something folks should know.  Particularly with regard to the potential safety of those speaking out against Councilmember Rexford at council meetings and while carrying recall petitions.

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