Breaking News: Sweetwater School Board Terminates Superintendent

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After the close of a marathon 7-hour meeting at Southwest High School, the Sweetwater Union High School District Board on a 5-0 vote decided to terminate Jesus Gandara’s employment as superintendent.

A big round of applause and kudos must go out to the board members and Board President John McCann for making the right decision and working to get the district back on track.

The only downside to the joyous news would be that the stipulation of the termination agreement means that Gandara will take 18-months worth of pay, plus take vacation and leave until September 1st — on which date he becomes vested into CalPERS. *sigh*

I suppose when it comes to politics there’s always a fly in the champagne, right?


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  1. Rostra readers saw this story coming MONTHS AGO, thanks to the reporting and analysis by South Bay Sunnycrest and our other South County correspondents.

    A major Well Done to all of them. Ditto to John McCann.

  2. Rostra blogger Barry Jantz was a finalist for a Taxpayers Association media watchdog award for this Sweetwater piece…

    SDUT reporter Ashly McGlone was also a media watchdog finalist for her coverage of Sweetwater. The UT coverage has been comprehensive…

    Rostra’s SBay Sunnycrest did a detailed piece on the reasons to fire Gandara…

    Sweetwater won the Grand Fleece last month from the Taxpayers group for all of the ongoing shenanigans…

    All of it culminated in the vote to terminate Gandara in the wee hours of the morning. Here is the UT coverage today…

  3. Sunnycrest, I echo your sigh about the severance deal for former Superintendent Gandara. It’s maddening to think about him getting such a cushy deal. But I suppose it’s the price of doing the right thing, and given what a nightmare and a distraction the man had become, it’s a price worth paying in the end. I will be watching the Governing Board’s actions with interest, and I hope it can restore some order and clear standards of performance to the district, in partnership with the faculty and staff who wish to do the same.

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