Bob Filner Wants “Due Process” For Himself, But Not Others

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Every time another woman steps forward with a tale of harassment, Bob Filner pleads for “Due Process.”

Filner’s lackeys are crying “Due Process” at press conferences. No doubt Thursday night’s Democratic Party re-vote on whether to call for Filner’s resignation will also feature demands for “Due Process” before condemning Filner.

Smell the hypocrisy? Oh, I do.

Allow me to refresh your memory.

A year ago, Bob Filner called a press conference the day after the Balboa Park Lilly Pond was trashed.

Without any proof, Filner accused Carl DeMaio’s partner Johnathan Hale of “organizing” and “sponsoring” the party that trashed the Lilly Pond and led to “felony acts.”

Filner called DeMaio’s partner a “criminal” and demanded Carl DeMaio “condemn” his own partner.

DeMaio rebuked Filner — and produced evidence that his partner had no advance knowledge of nor played any role in organizing the event.

Two weeks ago, the City quietly released a report on the Balboa Park incident that confirmed no evidence of DeMaio’s partner being involved.

Here’s a 10-News segment that shows Bob Filner tossing aside “Due Process” to condemn an innocent man. In light of recent events and Filner’s new-found support of “Due Process” it is worth a view:

So as Filner and his dwindling supporters cry “Due Process” let us recognize that Filner is getting far more “Due Process” than he has ever shown others.


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  1. With the new poll showing 69% want Filner to resign, the Democratic Party and remaining Filner apologists (of note) will be falling all over themselves, calling for his resignation.

    Too late, flunkies!

  2. Hypocrisy was calling for due process for Filthy Filner completely ignoring the fact that Filner performed a hatchet job on Carl and wanted no due process for Carl in the Balboa Park Fish Pond Incident. Payback’s a b**ch isn’t it Bob?! Filthy Filner needs to go, NOW!

  3. There is due process, and there is reaching the point where you can no longer perform the function that you were elected to do. Regardless of what happens with the former, Filner is past the point where he can be effective. At this point, the best thing is for him to resign. Then if he is vindicated of all charges (unlikely, but I’ve got to throw a bone to the due process crowd), he can play the righteous victim who still threw himself on the sword for the benefit of his city.

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