Biden / Harris 2020

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You just spent $2.3 million on your 900 sq ft condo, with sweeping views of the bay and bridge. It SOUNDS expensive but this is “The City” (as is written on the NBA team’s jerseys) .  You bought this place because of the exclusive access to the expansive rooftop deck.

You’re proud of this purchase because it represents that you have arrived in “The City” so you throw a dinner party for your new woke friends. Attending are a gender studies professor, a tech executive, a trial attorney , and the executive director of the “Save Abortion Access for Transgender Whales” foundation.  All are excited because your  new neighbor is bringing the newest releases from her vineyard upstate.
During your perfect dinner, an angry mob, with bull horns, starts screaming that your condo building is on stolen land (it was built in 2013) and you and your friends should vacate immediately or they will burn you out.  They have torches and Molotov cocktails.
You worked hard for that condo. Your “perfectly woke” friends are helping you to celebrate your success and this angry mob is threatening to burn it down? You fight back. You dial 911 to call the police.
But the police are defunded and have all quit. Your Second Amendment right was abolished long ago.
Surrender or die.
Biden/ Harris 2020

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