Bertha Lopez Restrained for Harassment?

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UPDATE by Rostra Admin, May 25 – 10:42 p.m…The reference to the restraining order below is accurate, with the additional clarification that it was a Temporary Restraining Order (TRO), not subsequently permanently issued.  As reported by La Prensa in 1998, after the TRO was issued, “The case never came to court. At the date of the hearing neither Mr. Hernandez nor Bertha Lopez” appeared in court. “The case was dismissed with out prejudice.”

It appears that Bertha Lopez, member of the board of directors of the Sweetwater Union High School District, wife of Otay Water Board Member Jose Lopez, was issued a restraining order back in 1993 for allegedly “stalking” a man that claimed the two were having a relationship.  The document notes she was ordered to stay 100 feet away from his residence and the schools where he was employed.

In the restraining order, the man claimed they had “a dating or engagement relationship” and said that she constantly called his house and harassed him, going so far as to say it would all “end in blood” if he continued to ignore her.

Interestingly enough, the date of the restraining order was during her marriage to her current husband, although it states she was living with her sister at the time of the alleged stalking.  Jose and Bertha purchased their home in Bonita less than a year after this alleged incident.

It seems to me that Bertha Lopez may have been slightly “off” back then, and her current personality would lead me to believe things may now be the same. That would be my opinion, of course.

I have posted the restraining order here if anyone is interested in viewing.

Lopez Restraining Order


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  1. Where is this TMZ post coming from? What is it that you hope to achieve here? Is this nothing more than a lame effort to discredit a School Board Member (that by the way, I have NEVER met) given her vociferous position in seeking the removal of the Sweetwater School Superintendent given a cadre of allegations that are currently being investigated by the District Attorney? The process of engaging in the narrative of government, its institutions and operations should be above this low level of vitriol.

  2. Great slogan for us… “Rostra, the TMZ of San Diego politics” — Love it!

  3. This post is pathetic and is not what SDRostra is for. I hope Thor reconsiders allowing it to stand.

  4. That is a legitimate opinion. But, we have never pretended a post didn’t exist by removing it, thus participating in revisionism, although we have corrected inaccurate information and will continue to do so if needed. If a post violates our rules, we would consider removal as long as we posted clear information as to what was removed and the reasons.

    Rostra, above all else, is a collection of free-willed contributors, some whose style and opinions may be objectionable to some of our readers. That is free speech, even if uncomfortable to some — or many.

    We also believe free speech extends to those who read and comment, and trust they will speak out when disagreeing with contents or entire posts. The bloggers do read and are impacted by posted reactions.

    An update has been added to this post at the top.

  5. This Temporary Restraining Order doesn’t surprise me. Mrs Lopez has been out of control at Board meetings. First on the Chula Vista School Board and now the Sweetwater Board. She is in the pocket of the Teachers Union and encourages their vitriolic attacks. I think all parents should know what type of person is running their Schools. I hope all parents have a chance to read it in the upcoming election.

  6. Anyone can file a restraining order. Bertha Lopez seems to be a caring mom to her teenage son who is a pretty good student, by the way. Of all the creeps on SUHSD school board (especially Cartmill) she is the most personable. This guy sounds like a paranoid, fraidycat type who probably files restraining orders on different women every year just to make his life more exciting. I tried not to like her, but somehow I do like her anyway. She is a real person as far as I can tell. I would rathermuch have her run things than Gandara, Cartmill, Ricasa, Sandoval, Beyers, Castilleja and all those money wasting clowns.

  7. When Ms Lopez was a vp of the National City Teachers Union years ago, she never showed up to any of the pickets. When running for Chula Vista school board, she let the Chula Vista folks think she was backed by the NC teacher union, which was far from the truth. She was pressured out of at least one elementary school because the teachers signed a petition saying that she fomented dissent among the staff. That was printed in a local paper. She will be charming to those that she can benefit from. Once she can’t get anything from you, she’s on to something else. When Ms Lopez sees which side is winning, she will switch to that side and be standing right in front of the cameras.

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