Belly Up to the Bar Part II – UStream of the Mayoral Debate

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If you missed Gayle Falkenthal’s Part 1, The San Diego Rostra Mayoral Debate Drinking Game, please read that little gem here.

For those who can’t make it to the debate tonight at the U.S. Grant Hotel  (5 p.m.), it will be on UStream, thanks to some quick thinking and work by the Lincoln Club and San Diego County Taxpayers Association.

Here is the link to watch it live:

More details on the debate at Storify.

This all means that if for some reason you can’t make it downtown, you can still play the drinking game and watch the fun from the safe confines of your home. Or in a bar with a laptop or pda.

Drink and drive your mouse, so to speak.


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  1. Gayle: Is it OK for Cranberry Juice drinkers like me
    to participate? We consider Cranberry Juice to be
    an Adult Beverage.

  2. Startling to learn that SD’s restless intellect
    Richard Rider watched the Oprah TV show.

    Ask any custodian whether he’d rather clean
    the John in a sports bar, or at a Jamba Juice
    location, for persuasive rebuttal testimony.
    And on that elevating note…

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