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Baldwin on Amato Show tonight, 9-11 PM, 1170 AM

I am hosting the Rick Amato show tonight from 9-11 PM on KCBQ, 1170 AM. My first guest will be Anita Moncrief, a former ACORN leader who defected a few months ago. She will detail how ACORN is a criminal enterprise; how it works exclusively with Democrats, and the role it played in pressuring banks to make loans to high risk recipients. Indeed, Obama worked with ACORN to create the mortgage crisis we find ourselves in today.

My other guest will be Professor J. Michael Waller, the Annenberg Professor of International Affairs at the Institute of World Politics.  Waller is one of the nation’s foremost experts on terrorism, counter- terrorism, espionage, and foreign policy in general. We will discuss the Christmas bombing, the attitude of the Obama administration toward terrorism, and the war on terrorism in general.

I hope you can tune into the show. You are welcome to call in at 888-344-1170.

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