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Baldwin hosting the Rick Amato Show this Thursday, 9-11 PM, 1170 AM

I will have some experts on government waste calling into my show this Thursday, including David Williams from Citizens  Against Government Waste.  Obama, of course, lied to the voters about how he will eliminate the corrupt “earmark” process.  I also will talk about the growing case for the impeachment of Obama, the Arizona illegal immigration bill, and the recent take-over of the internet by Obama’s regulatory agencies (What, you mean you didn’t read about that in the UT?)   We will also get into some of the elections.  If fact, here are my thoughts on the elections so far:


I’m voting for Larry Naritelli. I think Meg Whitman and Steve Poizner are both weak, liberal Republicans.  I’ve watched Poizner for many years and its true he’s a few notches to the right of Whitman, but he’s still not a conservative.  Our state is in dire trouble.  We need bold people with a vision to return our government back to the principles of our founding fathers.  I’m not interested in electing establishment Republicans anymore. I am done supporting the “lesser of two evils” type candidates.  We’ve been doing that for decades and look where that has gotten us. 

Many will say Larry Naritelli does not have a chance.  Well, we can change that if we all make him a viable candidate. Much of the Tea Party movement is behind Larry; let’s get the entire conservative movement behind him. Take a minute and visit Larry’s website and click on the You Tube video that’s there:

 This guy is the real deal.  We need to spread the word about him.

 Lt. Governor

I served in the legislature with Sam Aanestad and know him to be a God-fearing, conservative.  I think he’s the best one on the ballot.  While both Robert Newman and Doug Hughes are both solid conservatives as well, Sam has more experience running campaigns and thus is in a better position to defeat the Democrat in the General Election. The worst Republican on the ballot is Abel Maldonado, the guy appointed by the Governor to be the current Lt. Governor. I served with him and watched him stab conservatives in the back on a daily basis.    

Secretary of State

I think Orly Taitz is a little crazy but I’m voting for her.  She is the attorney behind dozens of lawsuits against President Obama on the birth eligibility issue on grounds that the only documentation offered by the president is fraudulent.  And it is.  I figure that anyone who has devoted two years of their life challenging the Obama-Nazis in court has my vote.  The reason why she is running for this position is because this is the office that “certifies” candidates on the ballot as being legally eligible, a process that was ignored the last election cycle.  As Secretary of State she will refuse to certify Obama as a candidate for his second term until he turns over his official long-form birth certificate, something he has refused to do thus far.

 Her opponent, Damon Dunn, is not a bad guy though.  He’s fairly conservative and is a NFL veteran.  Still, its time for warriors, not nice guys.

 State Controller

 I served with Tony Strickland; he’s a conservative and will make a good Controller


 Mimi Walters is unopposed in this race.  She does have the support of various taxpayer groups such as Howard Jarvis and claims to be a social conservative as well.   She is, however, supporting Meg Whitman, the liberal, pro-gay, pro abortion, candidate for Governor. That seems a little strange so I may not even vote in this race.

 Attorney General

 John Eastman is by far the most solid conservative in this race. He is a constitutional law attorney.  Rock solid. 

 Insurance Commissioner

I don’t know enough about these two candidates to make a recommendation but I do know that Michael Villines played a key role in raising our taxes while serving in the state assembly.  

 State Board of Equalization, Distinct 3.

Michelle Steele is a fairly conservative incumbent member of the board and I will be voting for her.

 US Senate

 I’ve known Chuck DeVore for 30 years and he’s by far the most solid conservative in the race. He’s a constitutionalist. Carly Fiorina is NOT conservative on a host of issues. For example, she advocates granting amnesty to illegal aliens. Tom Campbell is barely even a Republican.   This is a no-brainer.  

 US Representative. 52nd District

 Duncan D. Hunter has been a solid conservative vote since he was first elected to Congress and he will have my vote.

 36th State Senate 

Joel Anderson is by far the most solid conservative in this race.  Jeff Stone poses as a conservative but is not. Joel is been involved with conservative politics for 20 years.  El Cajon Pastor Greg Stephens was recruited by Stone to be a candidate for the purpose of siphoning off votes from Joel in the El Cajon area.  Stephens is the sucker in the race. Don’t fall for this trick.

 77th State Assembly 

 Bill Wells is whom I’m voting for to fill my old seat. I’ve gotten to know Bill and he is rock solid across the board on all the major issues.  I also know Brian Jones — also  a solid conservative — but I believe Wells is better suited to fight the liberal majority in Sacramento.

 Judicial offices 

I have endorsed these four conservatives for four different seats; all have been endorsed by the conservative legal group Better Courts Now:

Craig Candelore

Bill Trask

Harold Coleman

Larry Kincaid

Superintendent of Pubic Instruction

There are two viable conservatives in this race, Diane Lenning and Lydia Gutierrez. However, I will vote for Gutierrez whose writings about how our schools need to get back to teaching constitutional principles really resonate with me.

District Attorney

I will NOT be voting for RINO Bonnie Dumanis.  She has refused to investigate the biggest vote fraud incident in San Diego history, the ACORN effort to fraudulently register thousands of illegal aliens right here in San Diego County.  This is her jurisdiction but she refused to launch an investigation like other DAs all over America have.  She is also a lesbian who I believe will use the DA  position to run for higher office at which time she will support phony “gay rights” legislation down our throats. Bear in mind that these “rights”  always come at the expense of real constitutional rights.   Dumanis is unopposed so I won’t be voting in this race.


Jay LaSuer is by far the most solid conservative in this race.  Gore is NOT a conservative. LaSuer was my successor in the state assembly and was a solid conservative for all six years he served there.  Meanwhile, Gore was at Ruby Ridge, the infamous incident where he and other law enforcement officers shot and killed innocent family members of an anti-government activist whom they claimed had a gun with an illegal barrel.  Following orders from Clinton AG Janet Reno, they surrounded his rural house and killed his family members. I don’t want law enforcement officers who blindly follow illegal orders from the federal government to kill American citizens.  This is how dictatorships start.  I want a sheriff who has the guts to resist illegal Federal orders.

State Propositions

Prop. 13: Yes

Prop. 14: No

Prop. 15: No

Prop. 16: No

Prop. 17: Yes

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