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Baldwin Hosting Amato Show, Tonight, 9-11 PM


Starting tonight and every other Thursday I will be hosting the Rick Amato show from 9-11 PM, 1170 AM.

Tonight’s show will feature Marlo Lewis, one of the nation’s top global warming experts.  He will fill us in on the outrageous activities going at the Copenhagen globalony-warming summit.  We will also talk about the numerous frauds being perpetrating upon Americans by the climate change lunatics such as the recent “ClimateGate” emails scandal.

At 10 PM, Richard Rider will come on the show to discuss the numerous taxes and regulations hurtling toward us as part of  Obama’s glorious socialist regime. We will discuss taxes at the local and state level as well.

As always, we encourage people to call in to the show at 888-344-1170.  You can also listen to it on computer by going to

Steve Baldwin
Baldwin Research & Consulting

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