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Baldwin hosting Amato show tonight, 9-11 PM, 1170 AM

I will be guest hosting tonight for Rick Amato once again, 9-11 PM, KCBQ, 1170 AM.  My call- in guests are Mark Krekorian and Lance Izumi.  Mark will come on shortly after 9 PM.  He is the Executive Director of the Center for Immigration Studies, the nation’s foremost immigration reform group.  We will discuss Obama’s dismantling of border security and his funding cuts for the Border Patrol.   At 10 PM our guest will be Lance Izumi, Director of Education Studies at the Pacific Research Institute, one of California’s leading conservative think tanks.  He will discuss charter schools, vouchers, the Obama education agenda and so forth.   Of course, if there’s any time left over, there are plenty of other issues to discuss such as terrorism, Obama’s budget, the State of the Union speech, the lifting of the national debt, etc.   Feel free to call in tonight.   The call in number:  888-344-1170.

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