SD Rostra

Baldwin hosting Amato show, this Thursday, 9-11 PM, 1170AM

Once again, I am hosting the Rick Amato show this coming Thursday on 1170 AM KCBQ from 9-11 PM.  My first guest will be Brian Kennedy, President of the Claremont Institute, perhaps California’s leading conservative think tank.  Mr. Kennedy is an expert on the Progressive Movement, missile defense, and defense issues in general.

At 10 PM, my guest will be Bob Knight, senior writer for Coral Ridge Ministries and a Senior Fellow at the American Civil Rights Union.  His latest book is Radical Rulers, a book that identifies more than a dozen White House appointees who are all working to bring extreme change to America. This is the most racial group of people ever to run America and many of them have socialist and communist backgrounds.  Naturally, they reflect the socialist sentiments of President Obama.

Please call in if you are able to:  888-344-1170.

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