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Baldwin Guest Hosting Amato Show Tonight, 7-9 PM, 1170 AM

I will be guest hosting the Rick Amato show tonight from 9-11 PM, KCBQ, 1170 AM.  My 9 PM guest will be Marc Thiessen, former aide to Donald Rumsfeld, former Bush Speechwriter, and author of the new best-selling book, Courting Disaster: How the CIA Kept America Safe and How Barack Obama Is Inviting the Next Attack.  This book is the definitive book on the interrogation techniques used during the Bush years and how such techniques were legal and  saved thousands of lives. Thiessen also examines how the media and the Obama wackos lied about this issue in order to win his election.  Marc had unprecedented access to the people who carried out these interrogations and predicts that Obama Administration’s refusal to interrogate terrorists (Yes, our government NO LONGER interrogates terrorists!) will eventually cost American lives. 

At 10 PM, my guest will be Assemblyman Joel Anderson, who will talk about his legislative agenda and discuss the efforts by the bureaucrats to sabotage his bill that requires the disinvestment of state pension funds from companies doing business with Iran.  Assemblyman Anderson is one of the leading conservatives in California and is now running for the State Senate.

Kill humans, save the animals!

Escondido resident and animal rights activist Tiffany St. Ives hit and killed a pedestrian crossing the street and then went to great lengths to cover up her crime, including an attempt to paint over the damage on her car and sell the vehicle in Mexico.  Given the tendency to animal rights activists to elevate the rights of animals over humans, one has to wonder that had St. Ives had hit a dog, would she had fled the scene? Probably not. 

Lets give more money to those poor casinos

Thanks to its casinos, Indians tribes are among the wealthiest entities around but guess who is getting $165 million in “stimulus” money?  You got it.  The Campo tribe – which operates to Golden Acorn casino – is being rewarded the mulla in order to fund a “wind farm” it plans to build.  Why do taxpayers have to fund projects for the financially-bloated Indian tribes?  This is reason #345 why Obama is an idiot.

Don’t like body Scanners?  Then don’t fly

A group of Muslim scholars have issued a ruling in opposition to the use of body scanners at airports.  They claim it’s against Islamic law.  Well, the Koran also calls for the killing of all infidels in numerous places.  Since Muslim men have been responsible for virtually every act of terror in the West over the last decade, they should be searched more, not less.  Memo to TSA: please ignore this “ruling.”

Another idiotic UT Editorial

Once again, the UT publishes an editorial that reveals its stupidity. It attacks Assemblyman’s Joel Anderson’s bill to force CalPERS and CalSTRS to withdraw all investments from companies doing business with Iran.  The bill affected $2-3 billion dollars. The UT claims the bill was “nonsense” and, without evidence, claimed the bill would not “have any effect on Iran.”   I bet Iran thought otherwise.  The UT also informed us that professionals advising CalPERS and CalSTRS are better qualified to make these decisions.  No, they’re not.  They’re finance people who make investment decisions based on financial reasons and really don’t give a damn about national security.  If the UT had a clue about history of foreign investments, they would know that during the Cold War, massive American investment in the USSR kept the Soviet Empire afloat far longer than its shelf live. Financial advisors didn’t care then and don’t care now.  But the biggest hypocrisy is that mainstream newspapers throughout America pushed hard in the 1980’s to support legislation that forced companies to divest from South Africa.  But now the UT considers a divestment effort to be bad policy, even though Iran is arguably more evil than was South Africa during its apartheid days.  Go figure.

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