Reviving California’s Job Market

Assemblymember Rocky Chavez Assemblymember Rocky Chavez


If you have listened to KCBQ 1170 or many other San Diego radio stations in the last few weeks, you’ve no doubt heard the voice of Texas Governor Rick Perry. This month, Governor Perry launched a campaign to recruit jobs from California to Texas. While he did not visit San Diego in person, his commercials have been running on local radio stations. The commercial begins with the line “Building a business is tough, but I hear building a business in California is next to impossible.” Governor Perry goes on to tout the “low taxes, sensible regulations and fair legal system” California businesses would enjoy if they relocated to Texas.

It is no secret that California’s job market and economic climate need help. Unfortunately, California’s policies have affected the behavior and choices of its businesses, giving leaders from other states the opportunity to swoop in and lure much needed jobs elsewhere. High taxes and burdensome regulations give successful businesses incentive to leave the state, taking their jobs and tax dollars with them. This is a problem we need to fix. The solutions are out there, but it will take thought and creativity to find them.

California has long been known as the Golden State and has always prided itself on being a leader in innovation and economic growth. Our workforce is smart, highly skilled and hard working. I understand the importance of strengthening California’s economy and bringing jobs back to our state. I know my constituents are worried about jobs, new taxes and how the economic situation affects their families.

I firmly believe that job creation is the most important issue facing California today. We need policies that will allow companies to thrive and grow, not give them incentive to take their business elsewhere. I promise to work with my colleagues to revive California’s job market.

Rocky J. Chávez is a retired Marine Colonel, former City Councilman and former Acting Secretary of the California Department of Veterans Affairs. He represents California’s 76th Assembly District, which includes Camp Pendleton, Carlsbad, Encinitas, Oceanside and Vista.