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San Diego – Marie Waldron announced that her campaign will report over $108,000 raised for her first campaign finance disclosure – a period covering April through June 30th.  Most impressivley, she will show over $100,000 cash-on-hand!

Waldron, a 4-term city council member and small businessowner, in Escondido is running in the North Inland San Diego Assembly district.

“I am proud to have the support of so many people from around San Diego County,” said Waldron.  “As Deputy Mayor on the Escondido City Council, I have demonstrated my commitment to sound fiscal management and common-sense policies that expand our economy and create jobs.  It’s time for Sacramento to do the same.”

Waldron raised over $57,000 from individuals during the period and matched her donors support with $51,000 of her own.  Waldron believes the state legislature is out of touch with the needs of Californians and must stop driving economic opportunities and job growth out of  the state.  She cites Sacramento’s addiction to spending, over-bearing regulations, taxes on small businesses, and a high tax burden on families already struggling to make ends meet.

Marie Waldron formally launched her campaign for State Assembly in late March.  She is a small business owner and has been on the Escondido City Council since 1998.  Waldron has been a staunch advocate for fiscal restraint and accountability, including balancing the city’s operating budget,  while on the council, and has opposed all water rate and tax increases.   To learn more about the Waldron campaign for State Assembly, please visit www.JoinWaldron.com.


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  1. Well done, Councilwoman Waldron !

    It isn’t a question of whether Waldron is ready for Sacramento (you are), but whether Sacramento is ready for Waldron.

  2. Waldron has been a strong fiscal conservative for her city for over a decade. You are right Jim, Sacramento needs Assemblymembers like Marie to work on balancing the budget like they did in Escondido.

  3. Hmmmmm….

    1) She will make for a good legislator though pretty powerless.

    2) She REALLY needs to tone down the illegal immigrant rhetoric though. NOT a good spokesperson for broadening the party. Some of the things she has posted/said are, well, a bit out there.

  4. TO Erik,
    I don’t like when people make blanket generic statements. What exactly was her “bit out there comments”?
    M. F.

  5. Fair enough.

    At the hearing about the Escondido Ordinance to somehow ban the renting of unit to illegal immigrants (boggles the mind to think of landlords as enforcing immigration law without discriminating) she referred to communities as “under seige” and that the federal government’s inability to control the border as “treason”.

    In addition, the councilwoman’s numerous red county posts essentially leap from illegal immigration to 9/11 in a rhetorical heartbeat.

    I might suggest in a state that in less than a generation will be majority hispanic that isn’t the greatest electoral strategy for a transplanted new yorker if we would actually like to WIN.

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