It Took a Carter to Get a Reagan

Assemblymember Marie Waldron Assemblymember Marie Waldron


There must be a silver lining to this complete power usurpation by the Democrats with the socialist health care takeover.    Blatantly ignoring the will of the people, Obama twisted arms and lied his way into convincing his party members to vote his way and virtually alter the United States of America.  Stupak literally sold his soul to the devil along with the others based on a promise and an executive order that can be overturned at any whim.

But history shows we had to endure Jimmy Carter’s term and that incompetence in order for us to be ready to support Ronald Reagan, the greatest President of our generation.

Maybe this Obama nightmare will be the same.  My hope is that the people of this nation return to their values and foundation (the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence) and vote in 2010 and 2012 in such huge numbers throwing out the socialist Democrats on their heels.   We also can’t forget Olympia Snowe whose liberalism allowed this debacle to get this far.  Enough is enough.

The silver lining is that once official, this health care legislation can hopefully be tied up in court as unConstitutional.  Then we vote them out in a resounding turnout.   The Obama administration will be a huge abject failure.

This administration may have done in two years what Conservatives have been trying to accomplish in a decade or more:  returning the nation to its conservative roots.  The ideals of limited government, the sovereignty of each citizen,  the Rule of Law,  our inalienable rights, our Liberty and Freedom, the free market principles,  are back in vogue and should remain.   These principles don’t go out of style.   Indeed, this is the only recipe for a free and prosperous nation.

In fact, at our local Barnes and Noble, “Common Sense” by Thomas Paine was sold out – according to the clerk, it seems there has been a run on them lately and they can’t keep enough in stock.  That is good news!

In addition, I attended a seminar on this past beautiful sunny Saturday in a church meeting room in Escondido hosted by North County Conservatives and given by Joseph Andrews of the Center for Teaching the Constitution.   There were over 220 people there – just regular folks wanting to take their country back and equipping themselves with the knowledge and truths of the founding documents. Most impressive of all was observing the many young people who attended and were fully engaged.  That is awesome.

While we have not identified the next Ronald Reagan in our midst, we now realize that we cannot put our ‘hope’ and trust in a president or a party or a court.  Our Hope must be in God and the power is in the people.

Now it is time for the people to make a difference for our nation and be heard on election day 2010 and 2012!  I can’t wait because the shock will be heard around the world!