Is E-Verify Unnecessary?

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According to today’s North County Times editorial,  the use of E-Verify by cities or local businesses is unnecessary and a “political” act unless it is mandated by the State or Feds.

Along those same lines then, do cities need to wait on the State and Feds for every other decision they make?    This argument doesn’t hold water, especially when it is Federal Law for employers to verify that they are hiring folks that can legally work here.  That is what the I-9 form has been used for.  Now, E-Verify comes along and is free, fast and efficient and the NCT editorial thinks its use is “political”.

See the editorial HERE.


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  1. That Times editorial also calls out Marie Waldron, Ed Gallo and new Mayor Sam Abed for trying to enforce existing American law on this touchy subject.

    Last October 7th, the same North County Times editorially urged voters to DEFEAT Marie Waldron, Sam Abed and Ed Gallo in the November 2010 Escondido elections.

    But Escondido voters saw it otherwise and ELECTED the solid conservative Trio… So isn’t the North County Time’s real problem now with its own readers, who ignored the editorial board’s election advice?

    The NCT should respect the fact that Waldron, Abed and Gallo are governing the same way they campaigned, with a real commitment to fairness and abiding by the law.

    Election results should, after all, mean something!

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