Escondido Votes on Sanctuary Status Tonight

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North County –   Once again the battle ground zero for the local immigration fight will be in Escondido tonight as the council decides if it will continue to support its No-Sanctuary City policy or rescind it, along with opposing the new immigration law in Arizona.

Councilwoman Olga Diaz has asked the council for the two part agenda item because she feels the council owes the community an apology for past hurts and should make amends.  She feels that the past history of the council of supporting a rental ban against illegals, looking into day labor issues and supporting a resolution in 2007 written by Councilwoman Marie Waldron to state that Escondido is not a Sanctuary City were hurtful to many in the community.

To see the resolution Olga wants to rescind, look here.

The makeup of the city council has changed with the election of Diaz in 2008.  The original resolution, 2007-16R, was supported on a 3-2 vote.  Former councilman, Ed Gallo, who had supported the reso was not re-elected.   Diaz feels she has a chance to overthrow the resolution.

To see the full article in the North County Times, look here.

Either a nation is sovereign or it is not a nation.  The United States, the individual states and its people have a sovereign right to protect our borders.  Anyone who supports sanctuary status is an enemy to our nation, plain and simple.


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  1. The United States, like any nation, has a right and an obligation to it’s citizens to control entry into the country. Those who choose to ignore our immigration laws have been shown to also ignore other laws that impact the public safety and the security of this country. Our borders are not being secured, allowing open access to gangs, drug dealers and those who would do our people harm. I support the securing of our borders and the enforement of our laws for the protection of the law abiding, legal citizens of this country. Anyone that doesn’t share this position is guilty of aiding a criminal the the commission of a crime, and if in public office, should be forced to resign.

  2. I think the argument against illegal immigration should be more than just about enforcing the law and crime prevention.

    Many Illegal immigrants who come over here end up living in poverty. They get used by big businesses and farms, who ’employ’ them for well below minimum wage so they can make a profit, and keep our strawberries a dollar per pound cheaper.

    If I was a Mexican-American activist looking out for my people, I would support stopping illegal immigration, so that my people on this side wouldn’t be exploited like that. (And then support increasing legal immigration to the US)

    The current activists seem to be fighting for more government handouts, more benefits. Is making your people less self-reliant and more dependent on the government really the way to empower your people? I don’t think that can ever be the case.

  3. In a way I wish it had come up at Council and then was voted down so Olga would get the idea, “We don’t like that crap”.

    I was there and was ready to put my .2 cents worth in, but didn’t get the chance.
    I will be ready to rebut her when Olga tries again.

    Marie, keep up the good work.

  4. Hey Council Member Marie Waldron,

    Is this the way to bridge divisive issues? Is this how you describe our City? You call it a “Sanctuary City”? I’ll be sure to share this information with the rest of the Escondido voters…so, they know that when you say you want “honest debate and mutual respect” you are simply on your campaign podium.

    I will be sharing your posts with your constituents in Escondido. I am sure that voters are interested in the truth!

    BTW: How did Escondido become (in your opinion) a sanctuary city? I mean afterall…we have had the “honorable” Marie Waldron serving on the Council for a dozen years! I guess pushing the “no” button like a circus monkey, isn’t doing much afterall. Eh?


  5. We’re somehow thinking that if Councilmember Waldron were fearful of her constituents knowing her position on this issue, she wouldn’t be posting it on the world wide web! So, please share her posts with your fellow citizens in Escondido. We would love for you to assist in increasing our readership! You can be our little, personal circus monkey. Eh?

  6. Perhaps Olga wanted a resolution but she’s still the only decent councilperson Escondido has. Coming from a tried and true Republican, this is one hell of a compliment.

    Waldron sits up there with her eyes vacant 99% of the time. Most of us figure the lights are on, but no one is at home. She only votes to the positive when the Police and Fire Dept. issues are presented, or if led by Lori and Sam. She shows to be totally unprepared – until election time rolls around. At best, she’s a sad situation on the dais.

    This situation of sad percentage is followed immediately by Sam Abed, Lori Pfailure and Dick Daniels. Dick can’t vote without Lori telling him which way.

    Escondido is in a major mess and must rid ourselves of three of these, permanently and Sam from the council in 2012. We’ve been lied to, over spent and are fed up!!!! The only truth from Sam is when he tells you his LAST NAME! Or…..maybe not even then.

  7. Rostra Administrator (Thor’s Assistant): You are right…I’m sure that when Marie Waldron posted that comment in May…she could care less who read it.

    But…just last week at the Chamber of Commerce Council Candidate Forum…Marie Waldron talked about mutual respect and honest debate for ALL issues!

    Her comments from May reflect the Real Marie Waldron….her comments from the September 1st forum reflect the Candidate Marie Waldron.

    And since when did she become Honorable? I know that she thinks she is Judge, Jury and Executioner here in Escondido…but, come on…a little bit of an ego, eh?

    What say you Thor’s “Assistant”? How does Escondido’s button pusher come with a title of “Honorable”?

    p.s. What are you “assisting”? And don’t hold your breath on increasing your readership. One & Done. 😉

  8. It’s called proper protocol, and it is used very typically…

    “Anyone in the US who is elected to public office is addressed as the Honorable.”

    It has little to do with what one may think of an elected person, but everything to do with the honor of serving in office. It’s also called respect, even while disagreeing vehemently. It’s something we expect on this blog as well.

    As for your “one and done,” that’s at least twice you’ve been here now. Just sayin’.

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