Escondido Votes on Sanctuary Status Tonight

Assemblymember Marie Waldron Assemblymember Marie Waldron


North County –   Once again the battle ground zero for the local immigration fight will be in Escondido tonight as the council decides if it will continue to support its No-Sanctuary City policy or rescind it, along with opposing the new immigration law in Arizona.

Councilwoman Olga Diaz has asked the council for the two part agenda item because she feels the council owes the community an apology for past hurts and should make amends.  She feels that the past history of the council of supporting a rental ban against illegals, looking into day labor issues and supporting a resolution in 2007 written by Councilwoman Marie Waldron to state that Escondido is not a Sanctuary City were hurtful to many in the community.

To see the resolution Olga wants to rescind, look here.

The makeup of the city council has changed with the election of Diaz in 2008.  The original resolution, 2007-16R, was supported on a 3-2 vote.  Former councilman, Ed Gallo, who had supported the reso was not re-elected.   Diaz feels she has a chance to overthrow the resolution.

To see the full article in the North County Times, look here.

Either a nation is sovereign or it is not a nation.  The United States, the individual states and its people have a sovereign right to protect our borders.  Anyone who supports sanctuary status is an enemy to our nation, plain and simple.