Escondido Looking at Charter Status

Assemblymember Marie Waldron Assemblymember Marie Waldron


North County –

Escondido, the only city in North County not to become a charter city is finally looking at the change.  Considering the major projects that the city is looking at developing in the near future, including a Triple A ballpark for the Padres minor league team and a Marriott hotel on city land,  the savings from eliminating prevailing wage in construction is enormous.

The North County Times article indicates that the initial hearing will be March 9th.  However, Deputy Mayor Marie Waldron would like to try to get the charter to the ballot by the June election, if there is one, or on the next closest cycle.

Eliminating prevailing wage, prohibiting project labor agreements (PLA’s) and working in other beneficial arrangements for the city, will reap huge savings in the redevelopment projects the city is looking to construct.  Cities like Oceanside, have already seen real savings, of almost $1 million by becoming a charter city.   It will also allow Escondido to manage it’s own elections, bidding processes and land use in a way that frees it from state control.