Dredging the Bottom for Revenue

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The San Miguel Fire District in East County has come up with a new idea to bring in a little more revenue:  a fee for being in a car crash!   The fee, of between $390 to upwards of $2000 would be charged to folks who do not live in the district.  The idea is that people in the district already pay for the district services through their taxes so they would be exempt.

The questions are:  How many more hit and runs will be realized in this district because of this fee?   What happens to illegal aliens?  Are they considered residents of the district or are illegals given a “bye”. 

For those who are unfortunate to get in an accident and are not prone to running from the scene the sweet justice will be a big fine to add salt to the wound.

The San Miguel Fire District Board will be considering this fee (tax) increase at its January 14th meeting.


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