Assemblyman Ward’s Dance with Karl Marx

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House flippers could be taxed 25 percent of their profit under the California Speculation Act, AB 1771 introduced by Assembly member Chris Ward, D-San Diego.

Peace and prosperity are functions of just law. Communities experience peace and prosperity to the extent they uphold the ideas set forth from Scripture and the Declaration of Independence.

See: Self-evident truth, all men created equal, inalienable rights, just government to secure rights, etc …

Law is a function of ethics. Ethics come from morality and morality comes from religion. When our religion changes so does our morality and our law. The first thing a nation does when it conquers another is change its law. Therefore an attack on our law and our inalienable rights is a direct attack on our religion.

So what happens when Christ and his ethic (8th Commandment) are removed from society? His categories and principles are removed as well. Civilization then declines in direct correlation to the rejection of “the laws of nature and Nature’s God”. In the absence of transcendent categories “normal” becomes law. It was ‘normal’ to have slaves in the south.

Enter San Diego Assemblyman Chris Ward. His denial of the laws of nature and nature’s God make him a ‘god’ and lawgiver by default. Ward uses his position in Sacramento to violate the role of just law.

Instead of limiting government to the defense of inalienable rights, Ward uses law progressively to deny and plunder his neighbor. He is utopian. Attempting to bring heaven to earth. A Machiavellian “ends justify the means” approach. When Ward does so he’s guaranteed to get an Ishmael instead of an Isaac. When Ward acts in this way he undermines the very ground upon which he stands. When Chris Ward denies natural rights and attempts to redistribute his neighbor’s property he also denies his own.

Log in eye. 

When we fail to defend the natural rights of our neighbor we accomplish two things. We deny our own role in creating the disparity in the first place, and two, we deny history’s proven method for lifting our neighbor out of poverty – the defense of our neighbor’s inalienable rights.

My name is Eric Andersen and I oppose Assemblyman Ward’s AB 1771.


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  1. Thank you Eric. You do well to note first principles. Mr. Ward is also violating the Lord’s commands in Matthew 22 to love God and neighbor.

    He is not loving God by assuming powers to himself nowhere granted to him by the Lord, who blesses those He wishes with wealth. The Lord has not authorized his right to arrogate to himself a right He has not granted to all men. Men cannot delegate rights they don’t have, so the right to steal has also not been delegated to him.

    He is not loving neighbor by re-instituting slavery, piracy, and plunder through theft of another’s wealth by force. The Lord has not authorized the existence of the state, much less the unjust actions of same.

    Since the state has nowhere indicated it will cease violating the Lord’s commandments, the only solution is the separation of law and state. Until then, we pray for Mr. Ward’s repentance, and our own, lest we ourselves fall victim to the god of this world while awaiting the next.

  2. To Eric,
    That was not only a gentle nudge to remind the readers and Mr. Ward to consider our foundational roots, so brilliantly stated, but a skillful planting of seeds urging a proper understanding and a return to those roots. It is this thinking and planting of seeds whenever and wherever one can that will strengthen the resolve of “we the people” so that our leaders will lead accordingly and justly.
    Thank you!!!

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