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An “Intriguing Twist”

According to Logan Jenkins of the UT San Diego, Deputy Mayor Tony Kranz of Encinitas thinks turning the closed, dilapidated, but recently city purchased Pacific View school site in Encinitas into a federal detention center is an idea worth considering. It’s purpose would be to supposedly house a portion of the mass of homeless illegal/undocumented immigrants currently rushing the U.S. southern border. The same ones Escondido recently said “go away” to.

On the plus side, the city of Encinitas hasn’t firmed up its plan to finance the purchase, or it’s plans for future public use  of the site, and the feds seem to be seeking detention facilities in North County. And although it would need some dusting off and fixing up, the property is zoned correctly for governmental use as is… I wonder how his fellow Council Members and the general public of Encinitas will feel about his concept?

I guess time will tell!

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