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ALEC comes to San Diego

Ron Nehring found himself in liberal sandwich on a KPBS radio show regarding The American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC). Francine Busby sounded off the expected leftist rant. The humorous part was SDSU professor Ron King trying to play himself as a non-ideological college professor. All of his remarks betrayed that he believed in a large, intrusive government regulating our lives and our economy. How a professor doesn’t see that as liberal only shows how far academia has gone into the ether.

But the more interesting part was the subject matter. ALEC organizes events with politicians and crafts legislation. Not sure why that is a shocker or even news, especially to liberals who passed Obmacare to see what’s in it. As much as Busby and King try to make the case that ALEC is some anomaly, their remarks show that it’s really out of spite that they hate ALEC. They really don’t like a conservative organization playing their game and drafting legislation much like their progressive think tanks and union bill mills have been doing for decades.

The sad thing is that when liberal extremists like Busby complain about ALEC or Citizens United and all the money in politics, they don’t think why it happens. Liberals are totally oblivious that it’s bloated liberal government that creates the conditions for excessive lobbying. The leviathan is so huge that there is actually a better return on investment in lobbying than there is in the marketplace, to the tune of 76,000 percent!  If government didn’t have such an impact on our personal and economic lives would anybody pay money to influence it? Shrink the role of government and you’ll shrink the money in politics.

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