Albondigas North County Poll: Rocky Chavez Leading in AD76

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The informal, non-scientific poll results from Albondigas North County shows a close campaign in the 76th State Assembly District, but Republican Rocky Chavez is leading fellow Republican Sherry Hodges in San Diego County’s only R vs. R run-off for a state legislative seat.

The former Oceanside City Councilman and Acting Secretary for the California Department of Veteran Affairs is leading Hodges 50% – 45%, with another 5% choosing “other.”

We’ve uploaded the full poll results, here: Albondigas North County June 2012

A similar Albondigas poll in May showed Sherry Hodges leading both Chavez and Republican Farrah Douglas in a 45% – 30% – 25% split. Final election results showed Chavez placing first, earning 39% of the vote. Hodges and Douglas placed second and third, earning roughly 32% and 29% respectively.

Among other the other races that were polled:

SAN DIEGO MAYOR: Republican Carl DeMaio is tied with Democrat Bob Filner (50% – 50%)

CONGRESS, District 52: Republican Brian Bilbray leads Democratic challenger Scott Peters (55% – 45%)

SUPERVISOR, District 3: Republican Steve Danon leads Democrat Dave Roberts (55% – 45%)

OCEANSIDE MAYOR: Republican Jim Wood trounces Republican challenger Jerry Kern (65% – 35%)


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