Advice from the campaign trail: failure is an opportunity

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Anyone running for elected office wants to win. Pretty darn basic: the person who earns the highest number of votes from constituents gets the job. There is a winner and by default, a loser. A failure.

Typically Type A, hard charging, ambitious political candidates and their equally hard-charging, ambitious political campaign managers shirk from failure. Failure is not an option, right? It’s what most of us believe.

Failure is not an option, Gene Krantz, NASA

Remember these guys from NASA? The truth is a little more complicated. Photo courtesy

But the truth is a lot more complicated. The truth is that you often need to be a failure to win.

John Nienstedt, President and CEO of Competitive Edge Research & Communication, says failure isn’t something for campaigns to avoid, but rather an opportunity to test, to learn and to improve. Nienstedt says “even labelling human endeavors “failures” should be challenged …  If you don’t fail at times, you’re also missing opportunities to learn as much as you can about yourself, your limits and the world around you.”

Nienstedt says if a large campaign survey is a complete success, your pollster isn’t trying hard enough.

Read the entire post here.

Disclosure: Competitive Edge is a client of my consulting firm, Falcon Valley Group.



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