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AD 79 Candidate Ramirez: Carpetbagger or Can’t Read Google Maps?

There has been much jockeying by the Democratic hopefuls for AD 79, including a Republican-turned-Democrat-turned-Independent who has now decided not to run. The biggest question, though, is why Rudy Ramirez is putting his name in this race? He has never lived East of the 805 and last I checked the new 79th basically ends at the edge of the 805 and goes East. Rudy lives way down in Southwest Chula Vista right between the 5 and 805 – he has lived there for many years.

So, I have a question for Rudy: Are you just a carpetbagger who is going to move suddenly to the new 79th or did you just get mixed up when you announced your intention to run and forget that your district now has a new number?

I actually don’t think Rudy stands a chance in the new 79th. He has virtually no name recognition in East Chula Vista or the northern parts of the district and has no base there. I guess it is always possible that Rudy is just too scared to run in his own district since it was drawn right at the edge of Arlie Ricasa’s street, which just so happens to include Bertha Lopez’s house.  It would be a solid run for either of those candidates against Rudy.

Are the Dems dangling the new 79th as a carrot to Rudy to pay him back for being dropped as the South Bay BMOC when Mary Salas came back into the picture? If so, that’s a lame carrot, and the Dems know it. Rudy, you were dropped like a hot potato once the Dems had a real candidate back in the mix. So, Rudy, which is it – are you a carpetbagger or just too slow to know that your district changed numbers?

(BTW, Rudy in case your are wondering, you are now in AD 80.)

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