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Escondido – Attorneys with the ACLU of San Diego, along with the pro-illegal alien activists, El Grupo Sin Nombre (or group without a name) are demanding that Escondido stop holding regular drivers’ license and sobriety checkpoints in the city.

Charging that the checkpoints are in violation of the Attorney General’s report sent in March and state law by stopping drivers and asking them to produce a license, the demand, sent to city officials yesterday urge the city to stop holding the checkpoints.

Escondido has been utilizing drivers license and sobriety checkpoints in order to make the roads safer by removing unlicensed or suspended license drivers off the roads. Because the city has had a high number of hit and run accidents in the past years – well over 640, these checkpoints are hailed as a success in reducing this number by over 25%.

These checkpoints are held for the sole purpose of protecting the citizens’ health and safety. They are supported overwhemingly by the residents of Escondido and are fully paid for thru grant funding. It is a highly successful program and must be continued in order to reduce the number of hit and runs and fatalities on our roadways caused by unlicensed drivers.

The motivation of the ACLU and El Grupo is clear. They are pro-illegal alien activists who feel they need to bring race into most arguments because the facts don’t support their agenda. They are the same group who sued the city of Escondido in 2006 alleging the city had no authority to impose a rental ban on illegal immigrants, or any parking restrictions on public streets.

Having attending several checkpoints, I can attest that there is no possible way to determine who is driving a vehicle prior to them being brought through the checkpoint. With headlights blazing at night, you cannot even see the driver. It is impossible to racial profile. The entire checkpoint is completely regulated with numerous checks and balances so that day or night there is no discretion in which cars get screened.

Unfortunately, this demand will cause the unnecessary spending of thousands of taxpayer dollars on defending this public safety program, not to mention the loss of life and property if the checkpoints do not continue.

Read the entire article here in today’s North County Times.


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  1. Although the Supreme has ruled that check points are legal, the Supreme court was wrong. Check points belong at the border. I am a product of the Public School System. That system when I was in the 5th grade taught me that Check points are communism. Show me your papers. They said the American people would not stand for this. The Supreme court ruled in the Safety part verses the legal part, The Supreme court is to consider the law not Safety, I am a 6′ 3” blonde and blue. With served the Marine Corps and am a proud American. The federal govt needs to do its job at the BORDER and stay the hell out of my life. I don’t find these checkpoints Racist I find them to be COMMUNISM. If DL’s is all they were looking for that would be one thing. but its not. The people need to start pushing this abusive nation beck in its place. Do what it wants when and were, take what it want and leave the people bone dry. Were does it end. tell the govt to get the hell out of my life and get its ass back on the border were it counts, were it belongs

  2. I guess you could say, JC, that the city of Escondido is enforcing its borders…..trying to keep unlicensed drivers off their roads. Since the accident rate is apparently high, and mostly due to drivers without a license I praise these checkpoints and always worry about my daughter or mother being hit by one of these unlicensed drivers when they are out on the roadways.
    It is up to the other cities to enforce their borders as well, since the Federal gov’t will not enforce the nation’s border.

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